If you have not properly prepared it, a lot of things can actually damage your asphalt during the winter. This includes freezing temps, ice melt, snowplows, and much more.  

For those who don’t know, if the temperature is above freezing, liquid water can leak into tiny holes and cracks in your asphalt pavement. This water will expand as it freezes when the temperature drops. This will push apart the asphalt pieces and weakening your paving. Cracks get bigger and will become holes.  This is the big difference between a concrete company and pavement.

Fortunately, a professional stamped concrete Lancaster NY company can help you protect your asphalt this winter. 

You Can Fix Potholes During the Cold Months 

If you’ve got potholes, you should not wait until spring. A professional paving company can fix it for you. They’ll use a unique cold-mix asphalt that’s made particularly for cold-weather pothole repair. You can easily avoid small potholes from becoming big if you fix them right away. Thus, you shouldn’t wait until spring. You need to hire a professional paving company immediately to have those potholes repaired quickly.  

Be Cautious with Deicers 

Aside from ice and snowmelt chemicals being difficult on the asphalt itself, there are a couple that is hard on the environment where the melted ice runs off. You should always ask the professionals what type of chemicals they utilize to get rid of ice. Compared to ammonium-based deicers, a combination of salt and sand, or calcium-based deicers have a tendency to go easier on the environment and the asphalt.  

Hire a Professional to Get Rid of the Snow 

If you want to get rid of snow in your area, you’ve got to hire a reliable company that has a good reputation in the community. You can always ask for references, just like you would when you hire other professionals. You have to ensure they’ve got an excellent history of minimal damage and satisfied clients. It is worth it to guarantee that excessive scraping does not damage your paving. Definitely consider a concrete contractor in this situation.

Do Not Overlook Puddles 

Puddles are a red flag. They can indicate weak and low areas in your paving and bad drainage. Hire a professional paving company right away if you notice puddles lingering after storms. These experts will inspect and assess what has to be completed to smooth and even out the surface to prevent puddles.  

Schedule Sealcoating and Crack Filling if the Weather is still Great 

It is extremely difficult to exaggerate how crucial these two paving maintenance items are to keeping your parking lot functioning and looking good. There are a lot of ways these things save your budget and protect your investment. It is revealing to you, possible future potholes if you see holes or cracks. If the weather is still good, take this chance to hire a professional to fill the cracks and seal coat your asphalt.  

If you want to protect your concrete driveway this winter, you’ve got to invest in a professional stamped concrete Lancaster NY company. With this, they can help you prepare your paving before the cold winter months arrive.